Success Stories

I came to see Dr. Sraw for severe headaches due to a work related injury. Countless visits to my MD led me to an endless cycle of anti-inflammatories and narcotics – surgery was inevitable, I was just playing the waiting game. After seeing Dr. Sraw, within 2 visits, my neck pain and a nagging sciatic pain I had had over the years disappeared! I am now pain free, and I can now sleep uninterrupted, I am more energetic and living a more quality and happier life. Thank you Dr. Sraw!

B.T., 48 yo
Victoria, B.C.

After 4 arthroscopic surgeries to my knees, all before the age of 35, I didn’t feel like I wanted to do another. None of them helped my knee problems. Thankfully, a close friend of mine told me about Dr. Sraw and the interesting therapies he does. After a round of acupuncture, lifestyle modification and pills I felt like a new person. I can now go for walks as long as I want, when I want – my favourite pastime.

A.T., 45yo
Victoria, B.C.

I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Sraw as a Naturopathic Doctor and also as a Prolotherapy Practitioner. He has demonstrated skills in both areas and am well-pleased with the result.

A.K., 89yo
Victoria, B.C.

Before I saw Dr. Sraw, I was experiencing severe pain in my wrist and hip. With a few treatments of Prolo-Therapy that pain has been decreased by 90%. I have restored almost all the mobility in my wrist and my hip no longer aches after walking up an incline. These results built trust for me, so I asked myself “if he did this for ten years of joint pain, what else could he do?

Dr. Sraw and I embarked on an ambitious treatment plan beginning in spring of 2006. I had told him everything that was going on in my life and what ailed me, things such as ADHD, Depression, stress and Anxiety to mention a few, I was on medication and wanted to live with out. We would look for the root causes of these problems and find a treatment.

I knew that with the traditional model of medicine I was never going to achieve the results I wanted, or the level of service I would expect.

Dr. Sraw, created an treatment plan for me that fit my schedule and desires to get well fast.

Today, Because of Dr. Sraw’s treatment plan, I no longer take medication for depression and ADHD. I feel healthier, vital, and have high energy levels. Each night I sleep great and wake up everyday feeling positive! The depression, anxiety and stress that plagued me everyday have DISAPPEARED. I now feel like a new person.

Dr. Sraw truly cares about his patients.

Thank you, Kully.


J.S., 32yo
Victoria, B.C.

Dr. Sraw is the kindest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Not only is he a warm, highly intelligent person but he truly cares about your health.  He is very inquisitive and delves deep into the subject at hand, making sure he diagnoses the root causes of any ailments.  Not only does he care about and treat any physical ailments you may have, large or small, but he cares about how your mind is functioning … Since I have met Dr. Sraw I have gone from feeling tired, stressed out and having nightmares to feeling energized, positive and full of potential… I feel like a better person all around because I am being treated by Dr. Sraw.

He is one of those rare, amazing people you meet that transforms your life forever… I feel blessed and honored to have Dr. Sraw as my Naturopathic Physician, and have no doubt in my mind that if you choose him as your doctor, your life will also be enriched.

S.H., 27yo
Victoria, BC

I came to Dr. Sraw with a frozen shoulder injury.  I injured it when skiing and was becoming more and more restricted in the mobility.  Naturally, I was very concerned if my shoulder would ever move again.  I heard of Dr. Sraw at my physiotherapist’s office and thought I would give it a try.  I can now say that my shoulder is fully functioning with the hard work and diligence of this kind doctor.  Thank you.

K.T., 54 yo
Victoria, BC

I first met Dr. Sraw at a naturopathic clinic in White Rock and was impressed with his friendly and professional manner.  I moved back to Victoria 2 years ago and was delighted to learn that Dr. Sraw had set up a practice here and I have been a patient ever since.

Not only is Dr. Sraw a highly skilled and knowledgeable naturopath, he has a warm and compassionate nature that makes him an extra special practitioner.

His encouragement and sense of humour have buoyed me up during times when I felt discouraged and his expertise in naturopathy has helped my physical body tremendously.

If anyone is seeking an understanding and talented naturopath I would highly recommend Dr. Kully Sraw.

Victoria, BC

My immune system was so weak that every time I would finish getting sick I would come down with another cold.  My doctor ruled everything out and had not an idea what to do, other than prescribe antibiotics over and over again.  Dr. Sraw quickly pointed to the fact that it could be a food allergy of some kind, as well as heavy metal toxicity.  Turns out, my body was full of mercury.  We have been working on foods and getting the mercury out and I can say that my immune system is stronger.  I have been sick much less this season than the previous.  Dr. Sraw’s approach is very unique, in that he will find and treat the root cause of the problem.  Not only that, he actually explains everything to you.

P.D.,  58yo
Langford, BC

Years of digestive disturbance led me to Dr. Sraw.  I was impressed that Dr. Sraw was genuinely interested in my well-being and health.  His passion is one of the reasons I decided to undergo treatment.  It’s been 3 months now with Dr. Sraw and has been the easiest months in a long time – no digestive issues, more energy and feeling good.

P.V.,  49yo
Colwood, BC

A friend of mine referred me Dr. Sraw when I was feeling very pessimistic about my condition.  I was suffering from severe menopause and would have preferred to be somewhere else, somewhere far, far away.  A full night’s sleep was out of the question.  Dr. Sraw explained to me that this was the reason for my lack of energy, depression and poor eating habits.  After hormonal testing, overhauling my diet and lifestyle, supplements and acupuncture treatment I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time with more energy, better sleep and moods.  Dr. Sraw is very thorough and effective with his approach.

J.W., 60 yo
Victoria, BC

I came to Dr. Sraw with severe back pain.  I was heavily medicated and could barely walk longer than 15 minutes without having to sit or lie down.  This doctor has changed my life.  Believe it or not, I am running again! Running! My back pain has been completely eradicated.  I am very surprised many have not heard of this doctor and his approaches to back pain.

J.F.,  42yo
Victoria, BC

For as long as I can recall I have had asthma and chronic allergies, especially my sinuses.  I had been treated for my sinus and lung infections with antibiotics for as long as I could remember.  How much more could I take? This is when one of my friends referred me to Dr. Sraw.  After testing for food and environmental sensitivities and put on the treatment plan to correct my immune system and health I have improved tremendously and feel much stronger.

C.C., 54yo
Victoria, BC

Dr. Sraw’s ability to carefully listen and decipher and make sense of my health has been one of the most valuable gifts.  I thank this Dr. for everything he has done and continues to do for me.

J.C., 59yo
Victoria, BC

My Meniere’s problem was so bad that I would be bedridden for days on end!  Nothing helped me.  I had nowhere to turn.  I felt like I was losing control of my life and my health.  I went to Dr. Sraw on the advice of someone in my family.  My experience with him has been outstanding.  We have made great progress with my condition.  Now, I feel I have my health back and more importantly I have my life back!

P.B., 45yo
Sidney, BC


My name is Mark Kosick.  I am a professional hockey player.

I have been seeing Dr. Sraw for about 6 years in the off-seasons to help with the various injuries I sustained from playing during seasons.  Dr. Sraw, in my opinion, is a master of prolotherapy.  If not for him, my career would have ended several times, due to some of the injuries I sustained.  On two occassions, my knee was in a state where I could barely walk, let alone skate.  And, just last summer I could not lift my arm above my head, and in just one session, my strength was restored, and I could move it freely, again.

He performed prolotherapy on each of these injuries, and my family and I are so very lucky to have been introduced to Kully.  There is no doubt that because of him, I am still playing professional hockey at a very high level.

Mark Kosick


* To preserve confidentiality and privacy only initials of these patients have been used.

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