Only Five Minutes Per Day

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Zen-Stones-And-FlowerThis is all it takes! Five minutes per day for yourself – whatever you want to call it:  my time, self-care, vegge-ing, etc.  This is 5 minutes of neutralness, naturalness, centredness and peacefulness.  Sorry, sitting in front of the t.v. doesn’t count.  Unfortunately, nature didn’t intend for us to watch more than 1 episode of the Bachelor on t.v.  To achieve high level health the goal is to re-align with how nature intended the body to be.

What’s the point of this 5 minute daily practice?  A huge benefit is stress reduction.  There’s no avoiding the stresses of every day life.  We are constantly bombarded by stress – be it studying for examinations, waiting for that big bill to pay off, dealing with an irrational boss or co-worker, loss of loved ones, divorce, financial, the list goes on.  We are all under a great deal of stress.

As Einstein noted,  “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form or another.”   There’s only so much stress one will withstand.  The human body is like a holding tank.  Eventually, the tank needs to be drained otherwise things start to overflow.  We manifest the overflow with many stress related symptoms:  high blood pressure, depressed immunity, thyroid issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood instability, menstrual irregularity, impotence, cardiac issues (heart attach, stroke), cancer, diabetes… you get the picture.  Stress contributes to virtually every possible condition.  The goal is to drain the holding tank bit by bit, every single day. 5 MINUTES.

So, what if you took 5 minutes, just 5 minutes in the day to breathe, to smile, to laugh, smell your daughter’s hair, go for a mindful walk (instead of it feeling like you have to do it because of your cholesterol or blood pressure – simply enjoy walk for the sake of walking), to put down your iphone, to not feel like you must do something but simply be, exist and enjoy the moment.  It’s not a twice a week thing, and not once every other day, even.  5 MINUTES PER DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  It’s a part of your lifestyle. 5 MINUTES.

One of the best ways to spend your 5 minutes is with meditation.  By meditation, it to imply a focus on your breath – highly alert, deeply relaxed, in your breath.   When you become distracted by the thoughts or stories running around in your mind, gently bring your awareness back to your breath.  Science has caught up to a certain degree, as well.  Dr. Herbert Benson, MD – a renowned cardiologist, has led several studies on the the effects of relaxation response and meditation on general health.  All studies showing benefit with a meditation practice.  Dr. Dean Ornish, MD – another very well known doctor, has also led studies on the effects of stress reduction (with diet, exercise and relaxation) and cardiovascular benefit. The benefits to a meditation practice include:

Stress Management
Pain Reduction
Anxiety Reduction
Well-Being Elevation
Cardiovascular Benefits
Improved Sleep Quality

Who doesn’t wish for these things?

5 Minutes.  Daily. 


Dr. S

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