Why Choose the VCNH?

You lead a healthy life-style.
Needing guidance on appropriate supplementation.
Needing guidance from a specialist well trained in natural therapeutics.
You want to make an informed decision about your health.
You desire a health program designed specifically for you.
You are confused by contradictory health claims.
You are confused by contradictory or inundated with health advice.
You have vague complaints but aren’t sick enough to see a medical doctor or use drugs.
Concern about long-term side effects of drugs.
You have health issues which have many specialists baffled.
Nobody can seem to help you.
You are feeling overwhelmed, over-burdened, confused and do not know what to do or where to turn to for help.
The medication you are taking causes side effects which seem to be worse than the original problem.

“It is more important to know what kind of patient has the disease, than what kind of disease the patient has.” – Sir William Osler

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