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Here you will find a candid take on naturopathic life, current trends, latest research, insights and obstacles one may experience – from a health perspective.   Striving for the best “health” possible has its challenges and takes work.  But, with elements of clear intention, motivation and perseverance is what allows the process to unfold.  The intention of this blog is to help with just that.  Clear the air in the age of information overload.

Like you, we aim to live as healthful as possible.  This does not come without the challenges of everyday life.  Aside from being practitioners, we are friends, siblings, parents, teachers and members of the community.  We, too, can find it challenging to find balance in healthy lifestyle choices, our personal therapeutic plans and life. Considering the latest and greatest research and current trends it becomes even more challenging and / or confusing.  Hopefully, this blog will help clear the confusion and frustration and make it easier to weed out and remove any of the obstacles preventing you from becoming the healthiest person you are meant to be.  So sit back and enjoy.

Let’s get started.

Always – In Health,

Dr. Sraw

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