Unlike the one size fits all approach, the VCNH programs act as a framework in which your care is individualized specifically for you.

Pain Management

Living with pain is very disruptive to life, preventing high quality living and achievement of your goals.  Headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle aches can all be treated with naturopathic medicine.  Our Pain Management Program is aimed at addressing the underlying cause of the pain and eliminating it once and for all.   Because pain is a multi-dimensional phenomena, our VCNH approach to pain management is multi-dimensional, as well.   The practitioners of the VCNH are trained to manage pain by addressing all aspects and originations for pain –  physical, mental and emotional.   Permanently pain resolution is possible without the need to take medications long-term.  Our Pain Management Program may include the use of one or several of the following modalities:  PROLOTHERAPY, REGENERATIVE INJECTION THERAPY (Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP), NEURAL PROLOTHERAPY, NEURAL THERAPY, TRIGGER POINT THERAPY, MESOTHERAPY, MANIPULATION, APPLIED KINESIOLOGY, ACUPUNCTURE, NEUTRACEUTICAL, HYDROTHERAPY, NEURO-EMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE (NET), HOMEOPATHY, DIETARY and LIFESTYLE COUNSELING.

Our VCNH practitioners are equipped to select the most effective plan of action for you.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

This is a metabolic optimization program which is gaining great popularity in North America.  Based on your blood parameters the program aims to optimize metabolism, harmonize hormone levels and activate the immune system by finding the best foods for your metabolism.  This program identifies weaknesses in your metabolism and hormonal systems, in order to optimize them.  Strictly a food based program, with little, if any, reliance on supplementation and powders.  End result is correction of blood pressure, blood sugar and desired weight.   A weight-loss program unlike anything you have experienced.

Rapid Weight Loss Program

This program is for those whose metabolic imbalances cause the body to store and/or gain fat no matter what OR for those who have plateaued unable to lose further weight.  Our Rapid Weight Loss Program involves the use of the body’s natural hormones.  This hormone helps to reset your brain and body weight setting pointing to a more desirable one.  Our Rapid Weight Loss Program has been proven to activate the body’s ability to utilize its own fat stores and is very safe.  The Rapid Weight Loss Program encourages overall physical and emotional wellness, as well.  The VCNH provides medical monitoring, support and lifestyle coaching to ensure your safety and progress.

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Unlike a one-size fits all approach to detoxing or cleansing, the VCNH offers specific medically supervised detoxification programs based on your unique health history, nutritional status, genetic predisposition and toxin exposure.  The VCNH Detoxification Program is aimed to revitalize elimination, while aiding the body to rid heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium), harmful chemicals and pollutants.  Modalities used may include:  chelation therapy, nutritional therapy, neutraceuticals, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and/or hydrotherapy techniques.

Stress Management Program

Studies have shown that 75-90% of healthcare visits are due to stress-related illness.  The effects of stress happen quietly, yet profoundly.  Our Stress Management Program will help you feel more balanced and better equipped to manage the stress in your daily life.  This program incorporates healthy eating, Neuro-Emotional Technique, mental/emotional counselling, appropriate herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, physical activity (yoga, tai chi, qi gong), breath work, meditation, mindfulness and/or relaxation techniques.  Our Stress Management Program is an integral part of treating stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, digestive concerns, infertility, chronic pain, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Healthy Heart Program

Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of death in North America, with various underlying causes.  Cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention is more than just addressing cholesterol levels.  Our Cardiovascular Health Program is a comprehensive and complete program aimed at treating your true cardiovascular status.  Your lifestyle, nutritional status, bloodwork, genetics and stress levels are all taken into consideration.  After a full and thorough assessment by your VCNH practitioner, a program is designed to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Healthy Aging Program

It’s not about preventing aging, but, slowing the process down and doing it peacefully, gracefully and healthfully!  There is more to living healthy than just diet and exercise to maintain longevity and high quality health.  Specific elements such as optimal hormone levels and right mindset are often not emphasized as an important factor for a healthier lifestyle.  With this program you shall learn about your health as you age  by addressing your lifestyle, diet, exercise, hormone optimization and stress management.  Welcome to the VCNH Healthy Aging Program!


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