Diagnostic Services

Our leading edge diagnostics help give a thorough assessment of your predispositions and health status. ¬†Appropriate therapeutics are based on these key assessments and your health history, discussed in initial consultation. ¬†This is the secret to your program’s success.


The VCNH offers the following assessments:

Heavy Metal Testing (urine, blood, hair)
Food Sensitivity Testing
Hair Mineral Analysis
Environmental Sensitivity Testing
Male & Female Hormone Assessments
Stress Management Testing (Adrenal Stress Index)
Comprehensive Digestive (Stool) Analysis
Detoxification Assessment
Cardiovascular Disease
Thyroid Assessment
Lyme Disease Assessment
Metabolic Functional Assessment
Genetic Testing
Micro- and Macro- Nutrient Testing
Essential Fatty Acid Testing
Amino Acid Testing
Neurotransmitter Testing
Complete Blood Work-Up
Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis
General Lab Testing
Electrodermal Testing (EAV / EDS assessment)
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – nervous system assesment

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