About VCNH

The Victoria Centre for Natural Health (VCNH) arose out of a vision for being a complete and comprehensive health facility offering premier health care.  The VCNH is comprised of a talented health care team providing specialized therapies to patients. The centre endeavors to combine the science of medical knowledge with the intuition and creative thinking that embodies the art of medicine.  The VCNH focus is on aligning the obscurities of the healing process.  By exact and innovative treatments, your VCNH practitioner will work to re-establish functional physiology for high level health and high level wellness.

The VCNH is committed to lifelong, preventive healthcare .  Our focus goes beyond your immediate health concerns to ensure that as your life evolves and changes, you are equipped to live your life to the fullest.  You are a dynamic and unique being.  Live life to the fullest with the VCNH approach!

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